Friday, July 11, 2014

Cute Mother and Son

Today I ended up in Target looking for a certain employee. That felt a little weird...walking around the store with a couple roses. I was hoping no one thought I just took them out of the flower cooler.

The employee wasn't there, so I had to choose someone else. A little nervously, I walked into the optical department and handed it to the lady at the desk. I explained what I was doing, which is always a little difficult when it's from me, a stranger, and not one of their friends. She received the flower graciously and sent me to check-stand 3 where a friendly older woman was running the register. I gave it to her from "Melissa in Optical." Since she was busy doing her job, I didn't want to interrupt her too much, so I just gave the other rose in my hand to the customer she was helping.

The customer was so cute. She wanted to have her son's opinion--he was about 5--of whom to give the next rose. They finally settled on Allison who had her third chemo treatment today. It was going to be from the little boy. I was so excited to take it to Allison, because I know how much it means to receive little bits of love when going through chemotherapy.

But here is where the sad part comes in. I went to the coordinates that the mother gave me and it wasn't right. I drove all over looking for the home she described. (She didn't have the house number.) Oh, it made me so sad to not find it. Next time I will know to get the person's first and last name or phone number, especially if I don't have an exact address!

I loved how this mother involved her son in the process. How do you involve your kids in service?

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Kelly said...

Perhaps using google map on a mobile device would help them find a location. Street view or satellite views can make all the difference.