Friday, July 11, 2014

The Invention of the Rose Game

It all started by the rose bouquets in Costco. "Boy, those are beautiful and only 15 bucks," I said to myself. I knew I could make someone's day. After way too much deliberating over colors, I grabbed a bunch and checked out.

Back in the car I got to thinking. If I could make one person happy with 24 roses, why not make 24 people happy with one rose?

Driving home I decided which neighbor to visit first. What fun it was to show up on her doorstep with an unexpected gift! (Way more fun for me than for her, I'm sure.) After a brief visit, it came to me...why not ask her where I should take the next rose? She sent me to another neighbor. "This rose is from Rebecca," I said. After some delightful chit chat, I said very formally, "I have another flower. To whom shall I give it?"

This was giddy fun! I went all around the neighborhood.

The third-to-last person sent me to someone I didn't know a few streets away. And she told me the first friend who popped into her mind. Little did she know that this friend was grieving the passing of her dog. I was glad I stood on her doorstep that day with my last flower.

This was a few years ago. Since then I've played the game many times because it makes me happy. I've branched out of my neighborhood and been all over the valley, meeting diverse, wonderful people.

Someone said I should write a book about my adventures. I think this little blog will suffice for my own remembrances. And...maybe someone reading will be inspired to start their own game, their own way.


Kelly said...

What a fun game! It sounds like you were inspired.

katie said...

This is awesome and I am going to have to try it! You are amazing and thanks for the idea!

Jami Jentzsch said...

I love flowers, but who doesn't right? I think you are a beautiful women doing beautiful things to help others feel happy and be able to radiate the same beauty and happiness. A chain reaction touching may in ways you probably do not even realize. Thank you for the inspiration and SMILES. Please know my next RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS is in your honor and I will be planting an extra flower in my flower bed this Spring to think of you often. Your friend, Jami