Friday, August 29, 2014

Le jeu de rose à Paris?

Wouldn't it be awesome to try my rose game in Paris? That's what I thought before I left. But, really, how would I do that? I don't speak French. I couldn't zip around the city like I do in my car at home. Pretty impossible. Still, I prayed that I could figure it out somehow. For some reason it felt important to me.

Our first night in the City of Lights we dined with our Utah neighbor, who was also our flight attendant, and several of her Delta co-workers. It settled my traveling jitters to know that a couple of them spoke French and that they had all been here several times before. As we ate our delicious dinner, a man walked up to my husband to sell him a rose to give to me. Actually he tried to sell him several roses as David was seated with nine beautiful women. The ladies said, "Ah, buy your wife a rose!" So he did.

We parted ways with the Delta crew and found our way back to the metro station, with only a couple wrong turns.

On the subway I twirled my rose. At the next stop a little girl and her mother sat across from us. I smiled at the little girl. I twirled my rose. I looked at the little girl... and at my rose... *Ding!* I handed it to her. Yes, she was pleased as she smiled up at her mother. Her mother said, "Merci!" I ventured, "Je vous en prie." (I'd been practicing that one for a while--ask my family.)

The mother (Ellen) spoke English pretty well. We had a nice little conversation. She was really friendly. She and her daughter (Claudia) made me happy. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving me an opportunity to give away a rose!

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