Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lesson Learned

I started out today gung-ho. When she heard about my rose game, my friend Sally from Kansas had requested via Facebook that I take a rose to her life-long mentor in Springville. From the way Sally lovingly described her I was excited to meet this angel of a woman. Unfortunately, she wasn't home. So I left the rose and a card with words of love from Sally.

As the day went on, my efforts seemed fruitless. No one was at home or at their office desk. I left a lot of flowers on doorsteps or with the receptionist. Was I wasting my time? My game didn't seem fun anymore.

I stopped early. I was tired and a little discouraged.

When I got home, there on my front porch was a bouquet of flowers. A friend had remembered that I started back on chemo today (after a short break) and wanted to let me know she was thinking of me. Oh sweet, sweet friend.

It was okay that I wasn't home to receive the flowers when she brought them. I still felt her love and my day was immensely brighter.

So maybe today's efforts weren't in vain after all.


languagemcr said...

Indeed. The people will feel the love when they come home. Those flowers on your doorstep are another indication of God letting us know that He is there.

Megan D. said...

We got a sweet message from the person you delivered to for us! Thank you for making the effort and we are loving ours!

Elizabeth Plehn said...

That was a lovely part of my day--seeing you, Thomas, and the King.