Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cancer Schmancer

My cancer is nothin'. That's how I felt today as I delivered roses to a few women who are going through trials much greater than mine. It's a privilege for me to sit with a person in their home and hear a little about their life. In fact, it is an AMAZING privilege. Why don't we take the time to do it more often, I ask myself.

Marlene and I hit it off. Maybe it's because we both have yellow walls in our homes. She's an interior designer and a great-grandma. Her health won't permit her to go to church, or to many other places, for that matter. But she has a beautiful, warm, yellow living room where she goes to pray in the evenings. Lovely. I could have stayed in that room with her all day if I didn't need to get home to my kids returning from school.

Today my troubles were forgotten. And I made some new friends to boot!

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